Lacquer & Martquetry

Marquetry - Desired for the beautiful sheen it radiates, straw marquetry has been revered for centuries. Our artisans in South East Asia, using traditional rye straw from Burgundy, are keeping the skills alive, creating exquisite panels, boxes and furniture.

Eggshell Inlay - Tiny fragments of eggshell are meticulously applied and lacquered to create beautiful, functional works of art. Eggshell is at once a fragile form and a durable medium with which to mosaic an infinite variety of designs, transforming the ordinary into the exceptional - from plates to lamps, vases and furniture.

Lacquerware - Our artisans are trained by the French lacquer master Eric Stocker. Using natural lacquer from the sap of Asian lacquer trees, each piece is painted with lacquer, dried and sanded a minimum of seven times to give the rich deep lustre associated with the ancient Japanese and Chinese masters.

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