About Us

‘It’s a Family Affair’, so sang Sly and the Family Stone back in 1971 and this is what our company is, a mother and daughter team lucky enough to love working together, enjoying each other’s company and complementing each others skills.

Between us, we bring creativity, design and innovation to the production and import of our accessories. Most importantly we bring a sensuous combination of colour and texture, luxury, adventure and fun, which we hope will brighten your day.

 We enjoy discovering brilliant artisans from around the world and creating and designing in collaboration with them.  We support the heritage of those who resist mass production and preserve time honoured traditions to create unique, highly skilled and beautiful textiles and artefacts. We believe the expertise of our master craftsmen should be preserved and encouraged and that their products should be valued and appreciated because hand-made items are, in effect, precious originals, with a unique character of their own.

 Our designer Cheskie graduated from Central St Martins with a degree in textile design before working as a home accessories buyer for a high profile interiors company. Whilst bringing up her family, Karen pursued a degree in writing at the UEA, as well as discovering the pleasure of painting. She went on to set up a company importing silverware from Mexico. This sparked the idea between mother and daughter to create a company offering a broader range of products incorporating Cheskie's design skills with the talents of master craftsmen.