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Silk Scarf

This scarf has been created using techniques known as 'Clamp Dyeing' and 'Bandhani'.

Clamp Dyeing is a form of Shibori. Shibori is a Japanese technique developed some 1300 years ago and Clamp Dyeing, or Itajime, is a relatively newer resist dyeing technique. Pieces of shapes wood, are clamped around folded sections of the fabric, which then resist the dye in these particular shapes to create stunning patterns.

The word 'Bandhani' derives from the Sanskrit word 'banda' meaning "to tie" and is a highly specialised skill requiring immense delicacy and patience. Each patterned area has been created by pinching tiny pieces of fabric and then tightly wrapping the pinched area with thread, before passing through the dyeing process, where the wrapped areas will resist the dye. When more than 2 colours are seen, different sections of the fabric have been painstakingly wrapped and dyed again. Each scarf is a true work of art, with very artisans possessing the skills to create the finer pieces.

We thoroughly enjoyed partaking in the final processes of these scarves - pulling the fabric at opposite corners and watching as the hundreds of silk threads spring off energetically, revealing the magnificent colours and patterns beneath.


Hand-made from start to finish by our talented artisans.

100% Silk

Size - 233 x 56cm

We recommend that all our silk scarves are dry cleaned only in order to preserve the fine handiwork and delicate fabrics.

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