Jarra, Lizard, 3L



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This impressive lizard is frozen majestically scampering up the side of this jug, with his tail embracing the side and claws peeping of the rim. 

This splendid jarra is really quite something.

Double plated Mexican silver on hand-beaten copper base.

Please do not put us in the dishwasher but polish and rub us with care, with non abrasive silver polish.  Do not leave water standing in our jugs for long periods of time. An old housewife’s trick is to place aluminium foil in a bowl, fill with warm water, bicarbonate of soda, a pinch of salt and place tarnished item in there.  Rub gently, remove, dry and polish clean with a soft cloth.

Approx. Size - Diameter 20cm x Height 35cm
Max. Capacity - 3L

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